Beware! These Sex Habits Can Ruin Your Sexual Life

By | May 26, 2017

For most couples, sex is another routine just like eating. As a result, they do not even think about it or make deliberate efforts to improve the quality of their sex lives. No wonder, many men and women go out to get what they cannot work for in their matrimonial beds. Sex has become too mechanical and as a results a number of bad sex habits plaque and destroy sexual life.

Silence! Silence!!Silence!!! For most couples, all you hear during sex are only groans and screams. This is a wrong sex habit. Verbal communication during sex is a key to sexual satisfaction. The more you talk, the better you get at talking and the freer both of you will be to make suggestions about sex moves and positions, to tease each other with sexual jokes (this actually increases sexual arousal) and to direct attention to areas where you are getting less or more pleasure for the purpose of making adjustments

Man making the moves always. Women are naturally reserved and shy when it comes to initiating moves during sex. This should not be so. One of the roots of sexual conflicts is because women are not as free as men during sex. As the man, it is your duty to make your partner as wild as possible in bed. After all, your goal as a couple is to enjoy each other maximally and to avoid a situation where either of you starts to steal the show outside the home.

Having sex in darkness. Many couples have formed the habit of turning off the light before sex. This is not the best plan. Your bodies should be seen by either of you to maximize stimulation. Having lights on during sex increases visual stimuli, which in turn leads to faster stimulation especially for men. Being in darkness is like eating your favorite food without seeing it. The enjoyment is less. Do you agree? Try having the lights on the next time you are in bed with her

Same sex positions. Many couples, especially older ones are used to traditional sex positions. This removes the sexual intensity and variety from your sex life. No wonder, many couples do not even look forward to another day of sex. This is because they are going to experience another round of monotonous and boring display. Trying out new and unconventional sex positions, not only makes sex more interesting, it also increases sexual satisfaction.